Tokyo and more…

March 28, 2018

Tokyo, the capital of Japan, is the largest metropolis in the world. A city with countless different faces. You will find ancient Buddhist temples, traditional Japanese architecture, towering skyscrapers, neighborhoods with pastel-colored trees, shops with typical Japanese Harajuku, modern shopping centers with trendy clothing stores and much more!

In Tokyo you do not have to sit for a minute without food: from early in the morning until late at night, restaurants, eateries are opened to provide you with the most delicious food. With the highlight, of course: freshly caught sushi everywhere.

You would think that you get lost here, both literally and figuratively, but there is almost nothing of that. The locals are very good at maintaining peace. For them, order is the most normal thing in the world. There are arrows everywhere where you have to walk and everyone keeps to the rules. Crossroads are a good example of the organization, nobody crosses when the light is not green. When a traffic light turns green and the entire crowd is moving, you will not see anyone colliding with each other

The streets also feel very clean and all buildings ~old and new ~ are in good condition. Nowhere in Tokyo is it as quiet as in public transport. How is that? Mobile calling is prohibited. Although Tokyo is chaos at its best, nothing less is true.

Experience an Shinkansen (high speed bullet train) from Tokyo to beautiful Kyoto and sleep in a Ryokan (traditional Inn). In addition, the Ryokan’s take you back in time from the samurai and shoguns. Kyoto is a world-famous Japanese city located in the middle of the island of Honshu. The city is also known for the beautiful mountains that surround the city. And the Japanese also leave a smile on your face, because they are in our opinion among the friendliest people in the world!



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