The ultimate personal guide in Amsterdam

March 16, 2018

Femmie is the one you should call when you’re in Amsterdam. She is the ultimate personal guide when exploring Amsterdam. NoNoPlaces had an interview with her and we are already fan. Read more about the founder of From Here.

  Please tell us why you started From Here.

“I’m a big fan of travelling around the world. During my trips I want to see and experience the real culture of a country. The connection with a culture or country can be on a deeper level if you experience it with a local, if you ask me.”

I’m an Amsterdam citizen myself for eleven years now. Amsterdam offers a lot of tours through the city showing you all kinds of (commercial) places and history. This is where I saw opportunity: no one was sharing the real contemporary Amsterdam yet. After creating two beautiful tours, which you can experience in a private setting with a local, From Here was founded.”

What makes From Here different than other travel guides?

“The 100% local experience. You’ll hear stories behind street art and see creative initiative instead of museums and highlights. You also have the possibility to ask your guide everything you always wanted to know.”

In what language(s) will the tour be given?

“All of our tour guides speak fluent English and Dutch. It is also possible to experience a tour in your own language. We will hire an interpreter for that.”

What are the benefits of hiring From Here?

“During our tours you will get our full attention and have an authentic experience that you will remember and cherish for a long time. See and hear things about Amsterdam you never hear before or experience another city on request. “

What is the duration of the tour?

“The tour has an average duration of three hours. It is possible to experience the tour by bike or on foot.”

What’s the group size?

“A tour is always personal so the number of people in a group is up to our guests. You can book a tour with a friend, your loved one or your entire family. We also do tailor-made group tours for businesses on request, these tours often have a larger amount of people.”

Name a celebrity who you would like to give a tour? And why?

“I would love to give Lena Dunham a tour through Amsterdam Noord. Ever since I became a huge fan of the Girls series on HBO, I started following her. She seems such a sincere woman who would do anything to make her hopes and dreams comes true. Someone once asked me (when I was still doubting whether or not to quit my job in order to start my own company): “What would Lena do in your position?” The answer was “Just Do It!”. This is why she became an inspiration to me and one of the reasons why I started From Here.”

If you have to pick 3 places where you want to go on earth. Which would they be and why?

Sevilla: I’ve already been here many times, but this Spanish city stole my heart. I’ve learned Spanish with my husband in this city. Became friends with people living all over the world and fell in love with flamenco.

Lapland: I would really love to see the Northern Lights and sleep in one of those wood cabins with a roof top made out of glass.

Tokio: I would love to experience the culture in Tokio. It seems a lot different from European culture. I think it would feel like being in a whole different world.

Do you have any tips for travellers who want to explore Amsterdam?

“Of course, my best tip is to come and have a tour with From Here. It will be a beautiful and authentic experience. Also have dinner at the White Room or Moon in order to experience the Dutch cuisine at its finest. My last tip would be: Just make a left or right turn to go off the beaten path. Amsterdam will surprise you

Photos : @FromHere



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