October 7, 2018


Japanese restaurant SUSHI RUY recently opened its doors in Platinum Park in the center of Kuala Lumper. This Premium Japanese Omakase restaurant serves authentic Japanese Omakase dinners.

If you do not know what O-M-A-K-A-S-E is. In Japanese it really means: “I leave it up to you “, this exactly happens when you go to an Omakase style restaurant.

The very experiend Owner Chef Kiichi Okabe (formar 2 star Michelin Chef ) with two decades of experience will lead you to an authentic Omakase dinner with sublime flavors.

The Master chef uses fish of the highest quality and displays them one by one to discover the taste and enjoy the difference. Before enjoying every dish the chef enlight every piece of the delicious piece of Art. Be prepared for 4 hours sit of this traditional Japanese dinner.

Beside the delightful sushi that melts in your mouth once you take a bite, you will also enjoy the typical dishes, such as chopped Otoro with caviar, sashimi with white fish sprinkled with truffle soy, cold noodles with uni-caviar and many more.

Everyone should experience a Omakase tasting once in his life, so whether it’s here or anywhere else, go for it! You will not regret it.

Make sure to book in advance.

Tip: Be on time.

You’ll get the same experience / time of eating sushi as everyone from the beginning.


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