Mi kondre troe mi lobi joe

March 19, 2018

Beautiful Suriname is my native country. The multicultural and colonial history here is fascinating. From Paramaribo (Capital of Suriname) to the fathomless jungles, you’ll get a genuine warm welcome when you visit this country.

The mix of languages can make communication interesting, but there is always someone around who speaks English. Dutch is the official language. “Sranang Tongo – an English creole language – is the native language of Creoles and is often use between ethnic groups”. It is now the most widely used language in Suriname other than Dutch. It was previously called nengre or negerengels (Dutch, “Negro English”).

Because of the ethnic diversity, there is a variety of exotic food available. Such as Indian, Chinese, Javanese (Indonesian), Creole and many more. The culture is shaped by different ethnic groups, who all live in harmony (at least compared to other parts of the world).

You will much enjoy the entertainment like the Surinamese music called “Pokoes” in Sranang Tongo. They have a great variety of music, because of the different cultures. There is a style of music that have a considerable influence on different cultural groups  so called “Kaseko“. Whether you’re Javanese, Hindustani, Chinese or tourist.  They all want to shake their hips when Kaseko music is played.

It is relatively easy to get through this river-heavy woodland country. With only a few hours drive from Paramaribo or by boat, you’ll experience the beautiful wooded areas of Suriname. “Mi kondre troe mi lobi joe (My roots I love you) ”

Photos: NoNoPlaces

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