Can I stay a little longer, I’m so happy here

March 1, 2018

The Jane Antwerp is a trendy restaurant with a unique interior and decor. It is used to be a house of God and former chapel of a Military hospital. The moment you enter The Jane, an amazing chandelier will immediately attract your attention. The neon sign “Can I stay a little longer, I’m so happy here”  makes you feel most  welcome. This restaurant split up in 2 areas. Upstairs you will find The Upper Room and downstairs The Jane. You will find an open view kitchen downstairs as well where the chefs preparing their beautiful dishes.


It is worth waiting knowing there long reservation list. Usually all stars restaurants are very formal, not like The Jane. Try the 12 or 14 courses for a rollercoaster of taste sensation. Every individual plate of food is carefully cooked and seasoned. There eye for detail and presentation reached perfection. A real taste sensation that every food lover must experience.

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