April 22, 2018

A beautiful Condo (apartment) in Kuala Lumpur styled by Stef Smit owner of Studio-Stef. NoNoPlaces interviewed him at location. Check out the result and more about him. We are very excited with the final result!

Describe yourself in 5 words.

Creative, Eager to learn, Passionate, Loving and Happy.

What has been some of your favorite projects?

I am really lucky to say that I only had cool and renewing projects in my portfolio. I think that’s one of my main goals in life, do what I love the most and be able to be challenged every day.

Who and/or what inspired you the most in your designs?

The best inspiration I get from traveling, every culture or country has such a load of stunning colors, patterns and ways to look towards decoration. Beside exploring the world, I get a lot of inspiration out of fashion. I think that’s  obvious because like interior design, fashion represents people’s personality

What makes you stand out among other designers?

A Studio Stef design is a mix between comfort and personal styling, I think it’s really important to learn your clients style and taste, I hate the word trendy, instead of that I prefer the word personal. This makes me stand out comparing to most interior designers.

How would you describe your individual interior style?

If I had to describe my own personal style I would say that my style is laid back, with a touch of happiness. Maybe that sound a little bit crazy, but I love pieces that makes you really happy!

Do you spend as much time on styling your own home, like you do for your clients?

Not as much as I would love to, I have to say that most of the time I have to look for cool pieces for my clients, when I see something I really like I just buy it. Twice a year I change the colors of my walls. I always work with a summer and winter color scheme. After the walls are painted I change my whole house in two days! It feels so good to have a fresh vibe in your house, you should try it too!!

What is the first thing you do after receiving “the okay” for a new design project?

Most of the time I start with a brainstorm session, I put some music on, lock myself in my office and mostly after 30 minutes I have a plan! If it doesn’t come out after that short period of time, I’ll try it later again. A good vibe can’t be forced.

What would be your coolest asignment?

I would love to decorate a hotel! That’s my main goal for my career.

Where do you look for inspiration to create a lookbook?

I hate internet! I always buy magazines. I love the feeling and smell of paper! When I look for something particular I will search on the internet. In that case I use Pinterest or Tumblr.

What would be your Nr 1 advice to anyone wanting to start a career in Interior Styling?

I would say: work hard and stay close to yourself. I think that’s the most important value for a successful interior designer. It’s also really important to be a good listener, you have to read between the lines most of the time!

Photo’s : NoNoPlaces

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