Be different, Be BaroQco

March 23, 2018

Find out more about the inspiring and ambitious couple behind the jewerly brand BaroQco. The designer of several beauty pageant crowns such as Miss Universe Netherlands, Miss Universe Singapore, Miss Grand International and many more….

Where are your roots from?

Our roots are from Dutch Chinese Indonesian and Portuguese descent, it has always been our strength that we have this variety in our inheritance and we are embracing it into our brand BaroQco.

What does BaroQco stands for ?

BaroQco comes from Baroque, an era of change from simplicity to lively and exuberant detail. And Co derived from my father’s former company Japarco (Java Parfurmes Company) With the Co the Legacy continues. The BaroQco stands out to be different and to be unique grandeur, to surprise and to achieve a sense of awe.

Please tell us why you start designing jewelry.

We started to create our jewelry as we were looking for a tiara or crown for our wedding day. At that time there were not a lot of options. So we decided to create our own tiara, which lead others to ask whether we also could make  necklaces and earrings.

Why the passion for jewelry designs?

The passion was actually came on our path and we noticed there are not many juwelers specialized in our kind of jewelry. We challenge ourselves to go even further to make each creation as different as possible.

You use bright and intense colors in your designs. Tell us more about it.

We love using a pallete of different colors in our creations, this will bring the jewelry to live and makes each creation  a master piece. The love for master painters like Vincent van Gogh and Pierre August Renoir inspire us. The style we use in our creations is a mixture of baroque for the movement in expressing uniqueness in detail.




Do you have any upcoming new project planned?

We have several big projects in 2018. One of them has our main focus as we are currently a couturier in fashion jewelry. We would like to be recognized in the world of fashion as an Haute Couturier. We have our upcoming presentation at the Paris Fashion Week Couture in July 2018.

Which city(ies) inspires you the most concerning your creations?

The cities that inspire us are Paris, Rome, Prague, Brussel and Marrakesh.

What is your most enjoyable working trip yet?

We do love Cannes, Monaco, but we truly love Bali.

How do you create your designs?

It depends on each collection, we have a winter and summer collection. The winter collection is classic and rigid strong. The summer collection is more vivid. I start to draw several concepts based on a certain theme. We look at the current trends and then we choose the opposite, just to be different.  We select the color combinations for the collections and create an one of a kind piece of art.

What is your signature?

Our signature is to be different in a nice sense and to create an awe factor. To be unique you have to be different.

What kind of new creations/designs can we expect in the future?

As we embrace the impressionism, we strive not only for the outer but especially for the inner-beauty. In our creations we want to push boundaries of artistic techniques. And therefore the BaroQco is a book without End.



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    March 25, 2018 at 10:33 pm

    ??Love your work and am very excited to work with you soon to make some awesome pictures !

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