Aloha from the other side

March 14, 2018

Hawaii is a real hotspot for surfing fanatics and its a very important part of the Hawaii culture. Many people visits Hawaii for the wonderful weather and the beautiful beaches with ultimate waves.

The Hawaii archipelago consists of several of large and small islands. Which about 7 of the islands are inhabited. One island is closed for tourism, namely Niihau (The Forbidden Island), only native Hawaiians lives here.

Surfboards sorted side by side for surf lessons at Waikiki Beach.

The other islands are Hawaii (The Big Island). Oahu (Gathering isle) where the capital Honolulu is located. Maui (The Valley Isle), Kauai (The Garden Isle), Molokai (The Friendly Isle) and the small island Lanai. The rest of the islands are more reefs. The origin of all islands are volcanic and that is clearly visible.

Beautiful sunset at Fourseasons Hotel Maui.

Photos: NoNoPlaces


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