A story to share

Are you a thrill seeker? Always looking for adventure and places no one has ever seen? We await your story, stunning pictures, inspiring stories or beautiful experiences. NoNoPlaces is looking forward to interview you or write a great article about your adventures. What are you waiting for? Send us an e-mail!

About the founder

Once we are talking about the ultimate globe trotter well, we are talking about Lisa. As you have seen on her Instagram account; she has seen places! The name “NoNoPlaces” is related so comes from No Known Places. The unseen is what Lisa wants to share with you.

Due to her job and passion for travelling the globe, Lisa decided to share more of her experiences with you as the world. Not in a personal, blogger-kind-of-way. But as an online magazine where there is room left for you as a reader to explore places yourself. Lisa is always seeking for interesting personalities that are ready to share their stories with. Of course, she will share them with you as well.

Got an inspiring and surprising story? Contact Lisa!


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